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Baker Hughes started producing completion equipment in Tyumen

June 22, 2017/ 07:14

Tyumen. Baker Hughes launched a new producing unit today. The plant will produce completion equipment in the currently operating facility.

Note that the plant housing the production is the Tyumen Oilfield Equipment Complex opened in 2014. The new plant will be producing hydraulic packers, multistage frac systems, multiple completion systems, hydraulic liner hangers and packers for different purposes. They will conduct torque tests, pressure tests, examine and check the operation of the produced equipment.

The new facility will enable the company to adapt to the needs of Russian market quickly and minimize the time it takes to implement a certain idea while reducing the delivery time.

The company’s management stresses that launching the new plant will also contribute to the development of the local old and gas industry.

“Our development strategy involves creating a local retailer chain”, said Stephen Gram, the procurement and manufacturing direcor, Baker Hughes.  

Evgeny Chashin, the marketing and sales director, noted that the production of completion systems will contribute to the import substitution program and will optimize the supply chain for operating companies, since there will be no need to transport equipment from abroad.

The production process will be conducted in two stages. First, the production output will be enhanced to meet the expected demand from the customers and secondly, welding production and machinery processing will be introduced to extend the items list of produced equipment. 

Launching the new Baker Hughes plant in Tyumen has enabled to create 15 new work places during the first 6 months and 32 after reaching the designed capacity.

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