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June 20/ 14:52
Qatar responds to sanctions with new bunkering solutions
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June 19/ 07:59
Turkmenistan intensifies national oil and gas companys activity
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June 19/ 07:46
Oil prices fall: Brent - $47.26, WTI - $44.63
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June 14/ 13:42
IEA lowers forecast for world oil demand in 2017 by 100,000 barrels per day
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June 16/ 12:12
OPEC oil price down: Brent - $47,27, WTI - 44,69
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Oil and gas
Igor Shpurov: Accurate reserves estimations will enhance the investment in the subsoil
Moscow. This year the State Reserves Committee celebrated its 90th anniversary. That is why the Reserves Ministry, Rosnedra and the UN European Economic Committee supported the international conference “Issues on reserves estimation in Russia compared to the international standards”. At the conference specialists discussed the key industry issues and ideas on how to solve them ...
June 16/ 07:24
Baker Hughes started producing completion equipment in Tyumen
Tyumen. Baker Hughes launched a new producing unit today. The plant will produce completion equipment in the currently operating facility. Note that the plant housing the production is the Tyumen Oilfield Equipment Complex opened in 2014. The new plant will be producing hydraulic packers, multistage frac systems, multiple completion systems, hydraulic liner hangers and packers for ...
June 22/ 07:14