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Rosneft to double oil handling in Arkhangelsk year-on-year

August 13, 2020/ 08:12

Moskow. Rosneft will double year-on-year the handling of oil products, due to be supplied to northern regions, at the terminal in Arkhangelsk, the company said.

"After the upgrade of Rosneft’s terminal in Arkhangelsk, the company will handle 110,000 tonnes for the northern shipment," Rosneft said. "It will be twice as much as the company handled a year earlier."

The terminal’s key facilities have been upgraded to improve performance and accuracy of measurements.

In addition to that, from October the company will supply oil products to Norilsk Nickel using facilities of the Arkhangelsknefteproduct Company. By May 2020, Rosneft will have supplied to companies in the Norilsk industrial district up to 123,900 tonnes of oil products. Shipments will be made along the Northern Sea Route. The company additionally eyes other options to increase handling at the terminal in Arkhangelsk.

Rosneft has been using the Arkhangelsk sea port to ship metal structures and equipment for its projects to develop Arctic fields, including the biggest project - Vostok Oil. Earlier, the company shipped about 17,000 tonnes of cargo from there.


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