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TANECO switched to the production of the new generation of Euro-6 gasoline grades

May 27/ 11:08

Nizhnekamsk. The production of the EURO-6 gasoline grades AI-92, AI-95, AI-95, AI-98, AI-100 was started at the TATNEFT Company’s TANECO Oil Refining Complex.

Currently, all the fuel produced at the TANECO Complex meets the requirements of the top international environmental standard Euro-6.

The gasoline formulation according to this standard, selected and controlled by TANECO in the online mode, allows the production of gasoline grades with optimal operational and environmental characteristics. The fuel components obtained using modern domestic and foreign technologies are blended at the automated gasoline blending station.

Due to the low content of olefins, benzene and sulfur, the TANECO EURO-6 motor fuel increases the performance of the vehicle motor, the resource of the motor exhaust gas neutralization system. All this allows significantly reducing the adverse impact of transport on the environment.

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