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TATNEFT volunteers have started delivering Kits of Goodness to residents of the region

April 29/ 09:04

Almetyevsk. The volunteers of TATNEFT have started the delivery of TATNEFT Charity Fund product sets from local manufacturers to the most unprotected residents of the South-Eastern part of Tatarstan and Zakamye.

The “Kits of Goodness” include flour, cereals, canned stewed meat, chicken, butter and more foodstuff. This is a way that the Company provides support to both local producers and people who find themselves in difficult life situations.

The campaign involves more than 300 volunteers from TATNEFT Volunteer Centers, who will deliver 12.5 thousand “Kits of Goodness” to the addressees. They will be received by the residents of the Almetyevsk, Aznakayevo, Nurlat, Bavly, Bugulma, Elabuga, Zainsk, Leninogorsk, Nizhnekamsk and Sarmanovo regions of the Republic. The lists have been compiled together with regional Administrations and Social Protection Departments.

As of today, there are 11 TATNEFT Volunteer Centers in the South-Eastern part of Tatarstan that provide assistance to elderly persons who are in self-isolation mode. There have been more than 6 thousand calls received over the period of their operation and 2.5 thousand applications have been completed.

All necessary safety measures are observed while delivering the products. The health status of the volunteer is evaluated, masks, gloves, and antiseptics are given out to the person before the start of the working shift. The products are delivered from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.

The food product packages are formed by the TATNEFT Charity Fund on the basis of the funds raised as a result of transferring the one-day wages by the management and the rank-and-file employees of the Company. The Management Board members also transferred their quarterly remuneration amounts. Structural divisions and subsidiary entities of the Company, Zenit Bank, hockey teams Ak Bars and Neftyanik also joined the campaign. Aa a result, the Fund accumulated more than 18 million rubles. The employees of TATNEFT-URS assist the Fund the in the completion of the kits, including those providing hot meals to the Company's employees.


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