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Transgaz taking measures to ensure safe operation of National gas Transmission system

March 26, 2020/ 08:12

Moscow. Romania’s Transgaz company is taking measures to ensure safe operation of National gas Transmission System, Trend reports with reference to the company.

“In order to ensure the continuity of the natural gas transmission service and the optimal operation of the national transmission system (NTS), measures have been laid down for hierarchizing the company's activities, emphasizing the basic activities that cannot be interrupted, whose operation is obligatory and requires special safety measures: the natural gas transmission and dispatching, the activity of the NTS intervention/maintenance teams for situations that endanger the operation of the NST,” the company said.

In this respect, the key functions that must be continuously ensured have been established, the sensitive functions have been defined with high exposure due to the nature of the activity and measures have been taken to ensure that the respective employees can carry on their activity continuously and in a safe manner, according to Transgaz.

Transgaz is the technical operator of the national gas transmission system and it is responsible for its operation under quality, safety, efficiency and environmental conditions.

The gas transmission contracts, concluded with the beneficiaries of these service, are in accordance with the regulated framework contract and provide the legal framework for supplying firm and interruptible gas transmission service.

The natural gas transmission is made from the commercial delivery / takeover points from NTS entry to the commercial delivery / takeover points from NTS exit, the natural gas needed to cover losses from the NTS being the responsibility of Transgaz.

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