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Saudi Aramco share price leaps 10% to $10.3 as trading kicked off

December 13, 2019/ 09:03

Moscow. The price of shares of Saudi Aramco on the second day of trading jumped immediately by 10% since the previous closure to 38.7 riyals ($10.3 — TASS) per share, according to the trading data.

Thus, the company’s value amounted to $2.06 trillion. This coincides with the assessment of the company’s value by the Saudi authorities.

On Wednesday, the first day of trading, the price also soared immediately by 10% of the announced one — up to 35.2 riyals. Since the exchange set a fluctuation limit in this range, the price remained at this level by the end of the trading session.

As of 10:15 Moscow time Thursday, the growth of Aramco shares slowed down and amounted to 6.25% by the trading close — up to 37.4 riyals apiece,told TASS.

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