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US wrongly interprets Russian duties, Economy Ministry says

August 30, 2018/ 09:13

Moscow. The United States has a wrong interpretation of the nature of duties introduced by Russia for a range of US goods because Russia acts within WTO norms, press service of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development says on Wednesday.

The US requested consultations with Russia within WTO framework concerning extra duties on import of certain US goods introduced by Russia in July. The US says Russia does not set extra duties for goods of other WTO members.

"The US wrongly interprets the nature of measures taken by the Russian side. We act within the framework of WTO agreement on special protection measures, which makes possible to compensate damages from "special protection measures" taken by another country [the US in this case]," the Ministry says in a comment.

"The United States has requested WTO dispute consultations with the Russian Federation concerning additional duties applied by Russia on certain imports of US goods," WTO said earlier on its website.


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