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US can interact in regulation of global energy markets

July 17, 2018/ 11:10

Helsinki. Russia and the United States can work constructively in regulation of global markets of energy resources. About it president Vladimir Putin said on Monday after talks with US President Donald Trump.

"I believe that we as the largest oil and gas powers, and the United States is such a country also, can meaningfully work on regulation of international markets. This is because we are not interested in the price collapsing below the lowest level, since our producers will suffer from that, in the United States also, by the way, referring to shale oil and gas", Putin said.
"Production profitability vanishes beyond a certain framework", he noted.

Moscow and Washington are also "not interested in extremely high prices," the Russian leader said. "We have things to discuss in this aspect and there is a field for cooperation", Putin added.

Special attention was dedicated to the economy during talks between two presidents and business communities of Russia and the United States definitely have interest to cooperate, the Russian president noted, told TASS.

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