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Iran ships gas products to Pakistan

November 02, 2016/ 13:52

Tehran. The shipment of heavier gas products, consisting of 51,000 barrels of propane and 20,000 barrels of butane, was loaded from Siri refinery terminal on the Persian Gulf. Iran has been boosting energy exports since international sanctions were lifted in early 2016.

Siri refinery began operations in 2013 and has since boosted its daily production capacity to thousands of barrels of butane, propane as well as the rare pentane hydrocarbon — a chemical with many industrial applications that Iran's Persian Gulf neighbors have not been successful in producing, informs Iran Daily.

In July 2015, Iran signed an historic nuclear deal with the P5+1 which included Russia, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Under the agreement, Tehran was obliged to cut back its uranium enrichment and reduce the number of centrifuges. In exchange, the West was obliged to gradually lift sanctions on the Islamic Republic, enabling it to resume oil exports.



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