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Maire tecnimont awarded usd 215 million refining project by JSC Gazprom neft Omsk refinery

February 15, 2018/ 15:30

Milan. Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. announces that its main subsidiaries Tecnimont S.p.A. and Tecnimont Russia LLC have been awarded by JSC Gazprom Neft – Omsk Refineryan EPCm contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction management services)for the execution of the “Delayed Coking Unit” (DCU) Project, to be implemented inside the existing Omsk Refinery, in the Russian Federation.

The Omsk Refinery is one of the most sophisticated refineries in the country and among the largest globally, with an overall capacity of about 21.3 MTA (million tons per year) of crude oil processing.

The overall contract value equals to USD 215million, under a multicurrency basis. The contract is under a Lump Sum scheme for the Engineering and Procurement, and under a Reimbursable scheme for the Construction management.The scope of the project includes the implementation of a new Delayed Coking complex with a feed capacity of 2 MTA (34,500 Barrel Per Stream Day). The Project will be executed inside the existing Omsk Refinery and will be mainly aimed at expanding its capacity for the conversion of heavy residues while maximizing liquid product and producing anode grade quality coke. A significant portion of the scope of work will be performed by Tecnimont Russia LLC in its Moscow operating center, where Maire Tecnimont Group already has more than 150 people working on the other ongoing Russian projects. Tecnimont Russia represents therefore an asset within the Group with a growing reputation as a provider of added value services to the local Russian market.

Completion is expected within 29 months from the signing date. This challenging schedule will be possible thanks to the availability of most of the Long Lead Items, which have already been purchased, rendered available and installed at site by the Client.

Pierroberto Folgiero, Maire Tecnimont Chief Executive Officer, commented: “After our recent awards in the refining segment, this contract enables us to consolidate the Group’s business in the Delayed Coking Unit process technology, as well as strengthening the strategic relationship with a prominent client such as JSC Gazprom Neft. With this important achievement we confirm our outstanding footprint in the Russian Federation, and the reliability of our technology-driven strategy.”

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