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Igor Shpurov: Transition to the new classification should pass comfortably for subsurface users

August 10, 2016/ 13:19

Moscow. In times of exploitation of interior part of the Earth geologists were glorified. Folk hero always was braw, unflinching, curious and tireless «sun’s and wind’s brother». Once, exactly like this, soviet geologist, turn our state to fuel industry development, giving a chance our country to became leader in primary industry. Our contemporaries, geologists, writing theirs memorials dreaming about opening their owns Bagras, Samoltor, Urengoy…

Igor Shurupov knows Soviet geologists school firsthand. At one time he passed this school himself on fabulous accumulation in Western Siberia. Despite this, Igor Victorovitch falls into current generation of geologists, who’s writing new geological reserves history. In anticipation of Geologist’s day (now is a golden jubiley), Igor Shpurov-the head of Government commission of mineral reserves (GCMR), told « O & G information agency» about actual situation in science and about Western Siberia development perspectives.

-        Igor Victorovitch, one of the most scale innovation of GCMR in recent years is transition from 1st of January 2016 to the new classification of hydrocarbons reserves and resources (hydrocarbons- oil and gas).How is process moving? Is there any result now?

-        At this time we have two main intentions: transition to the new classification must pass in the best possible conditions for mineral developers; work’s reviewing and security mustn’t involve difficulties for oil workers.  Co-workers GCMR holding many seminars in Moscow and in regions for solving these problems. By interim re-estimation of reserves more than 50 fields were viewed. At this point we don’t have any serious complexity. I hope that we’ll be able to pass initial phase without jolts. Early in the next year we’ll be able to speak about any severe results.

-        How did mineral developers accept this innovation?

-        I may say it was composedly. No discontent. But there is some misgiving, because it’s new system. And all new is quite difficult to be accepted. All in all, there are some obstacles and we with mineral developers must solve them.

-        In coming years Rosnedra is waiting for hydrocarbons reserves increment declining. What do you predict for 2016?

-        I don’t think there will be great hydrocarbons reserves increment declining. It’ll be, at least, enough for production. Everything depend on mineral developers’s   attention to geological prospecting work, especially, to the exploration drilling. Because exactly volume of exploration drilling define hydrocarbons reserves increment. As for today, in company’s plans we don’t have increment declining.

-        With your direct participation feedstock resources in the Tyumen Region from 2004 to 2012 were increased in thrice. What contributes to the achievement of such results?

-        It was useful to apply this experience in whole country. I’ll explain why. Exactly in Tyumen Region, in that period, reached format of public private partnership. For the first time the methods of stimulating (TIPS) –(hard to recover reserves , non traditional reserves)development was implemented without federal center’s help. Also exactly in Tyumen Region targeted incentives were formulated. And these are not just tax exemptions, these are grand for construction of infrastructures. One more useful practice – conclusion of a treaty between entities and Federation about uniting together efforts in geological works realization area. Then science- corporative and state, worked side by side every day. All I said realization let us to achieve such result. By the way, when in 2006-2007 I told about opportunity of 12 mln tons extraction in the south of the Tyumen region, nobody believed me. And that’s result- in 2015 11,8 mln tons of oil were extracted.

-        Now besides Uvat, Tobolsk area, exploration is in progress in more southern territory, for example, in Aromashevsky district.

-        Now in Aromashevsky district just scientific research projects are conducting, and its early to speak about some success. However Tobolsk project is in process now. Few areas are already licensed. Some field are already being developed, the other will be developed in nearest future. In particular, South-Nyurimanskoe (Surgutneftegaz), North- Komarinoe (Nord-Ost-Geo), Zimnee (Gazpromneft), Vareyagskoe (SibInTEK). They must provide production growth in the South region.

-        West Siberian branch of SCMR is situated in Tuymen. Igor Victorovitch, tell about its activity.

-        Branch’s powers include work on water bodies (more than 500m3), solid commercial materials and hydrocarbons. Last year more than 100 works were considered there. Tyumen branch of hydrocarbons- the largest branch of SCMR which covers Western and Eastern Siberia. The chief of branch- Sergey Prozorov. He has big experience in this area, because he was one of originators of Uvar project, was the director of Mineral developer State Department.

-        Main perspectives of research increment and oil and gas extraction in country connected with these territories. In HMAO the most progressive, I guess, are Bazhenov formation, deep horizon, including pre- Jurassic complex. South of the region is potential too- Tyumen suite and Pre- Jurassic complex. Surely interested in Yamal. There are still many unstudied objects, which may lead to a big discovers.

-        How do you think, how long Russia will be oil country?

-        Oil last for long time. Another question is in its demand and price. There are many explored reserves nowadays. We can provide, in nearest 30 years, oil extraction over 500 mln tons, but everything will depend on prime coat and resulting oil price, development technology and taxes.

-        What is peculiarity in working with HTS reserves(hard-to-recover reserves)?

-        I think there are two main types of resources : resources leaving in highly watered fields; oil rims and under-gas-cap zones.

The longer we procrastinate with stimulation involving such resources into development, the less chances we have to extract them. We’ve already had oil looses occurrences. Nowadays in under-gas-cap zones is situated about 4 mlrd resources, and in order to avoid losing, state have to assume measures for stimulation.

Also there are pre- Jurassic complex and deep horizons. Situation there not as critical as in the first two cases, but we have to engage it today for having perspectives tomorrow. The main problem here is in license. In many happenings companies can’t expert deep horizons because of depth limitation of the license.

-        SCMR is making ready temporary methods of calculation petroleum reserves in shale deposit. When will it be accepted and which advantages it has?

-        Accepting these methods we’ll make big step up. Nowadays we can’t count oil resources in shale collectors: domanik, ect at all. And not only we,  all over the world it’s impossible to do by classical methods. But it should be done. Why? For rate investment attractiveness it’s necessary to know about exact perspectives. Investment attractiveness in many depend on resources quantity, efficiency, ect.

It’s not so important in America because shale production is carrying out near infrastructure places. Capitalized expenses there not as high, as we have. The loss of 20%  non-productive wells isn’t important. Prime cost is low. In our country due to infrastructure’s farness, high drilling cost we have high prime cost and as a result- great capitalized expenses. It means that its necessary to make preliminary technical and economic assessment, based on reserves bulk accuracy.

The best specialists from state universities and mineral developers companies are working on drafting a methods. It’ll be brought up for discussion in second quarter (maybe in may) in current year. We’re going to accept it in third quarter, after discussion.

-        Igor Victorovitch, returning for the holiday, in your opinion, what Russia is proud of?

-        Geology has many important personalities: coal producers, coal miners, water workers and all who make large mineral raw material base. Geology’s future depend on youth and new scientifics. I sincerely hope that today’s students, young specialists will take into account science history writer’s experience for succession. After all geology’s future depend on it.

In Geologist’s day I want to congratulate my colleagues and wish new great discovering and wonderful health.

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