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TATNEFT Has Processed 50 Million Tonnes of Crude Oil at TANECO

December 11, 2017/ 14:42

Almetyevsk. The 50-millionth tonne of crude oil was processed at the TANECO Complex. The relevant figure fell on December 11, 2017.

A wide range of products popular at the market, including diesel and aviation fuel, base oils and others have been produced since the beginning of the Complex operation. The raw materials processed also included about 1.5 million tonnes outsourced vacuum gas oil, 40 thousand tonnes of gas condensate and 31 thousand tonnes of fuel oil.

The first products were received at the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Complex in Nizhnekamsk on the night of December 30 to 31, 2010. In December 2011, the primary oil refining plant  was put into commercial operation.

Each subsequent year also used to witness serious production achievements. Specifically, in 2012, the TANECO refinery reached the designed capacity to process 7 million tonnes of crude oil, and they started production of granulated sulfur. In 2013, the capacity for primary oil refining was brought to 115% of the design figure

The Combined Hydrocracking Installation (CHI) was put into commercial operation in 2014. The production of EURO-5 diesel fuel, aviation kerosene of brands RT, TS-1, Jet A-1, base oils of groups II and III was started. In June 2015, they started the production of base oils within the structure of CHI on a commercial scale. In 2016, they began operation of the delayed coking unit, eliminating fuel oil from the products basket yielded by  the Complex.

The current performance indicators of the TANECO Complex:

petroleum feed rate - 8.7 million tonnes, processing depth - 99.2%, yield of light petroleum products - 87%. Currently, there are about 20 types of commercial products produced at the Complex.

Further development of TANECO is related to the deepening of oil refining and the increasing the petroleum raw materials processing volume. In parallel with the operation of existing installations, continuous construction operations of new production facilities are in the process. The plans provide that hydrotreating units for naphtha, kerosene hydrofining, diesel fuel hydrotreatment, isomerization of light naphtha will be commissioned in the coming months.

The milestone event in 2018 will be commissioning of ELOU-AVT-6, as well as the start of production of the ecological class EURO-5 motor gasoline brands at the TANECO refinery.

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