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Oil firms to set up funds to finance spill response efforts, says Russian PM

June 26/ 08:09

Moscow. Companies involved in production and storage of petroleum products will be obliged to hold exercises and set up funds for financing spill response measures, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a government meeting on Thursday focusing on a respective bill.

"The bill stipulates that companies involved in production, transportation and storage of oil and petroleum products will be obliged to approve oil and petroleum products spill response plans and hold respective exercises, as well as set up special reserves funds for financing remediation of such spills," he said.

PM noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin requested speeding up the work at the document at meetings on liquidation of the Norilsk petroleum products spill aftermath, informs TASS. "Our main task is to prevent repetition of the recent events in Norilsk," Mishustin emphasized. "For doing that, we are forming a legal basis that will first of all allow to quickly and fully liquidate the aftermath of such emergencies," he said.

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