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Kochanova visits Belarusian oil refinery Naftan

June 15/ 11:06

Novopolotsk.  Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Natalya Kochanova visited the oil refinery Naftan to meet with the personnel of the company on 11 June, BelTA has learned.

During the meeting workers were able to ask questions, learn about the main areas of the state policy. Among the issues discussed was economic performance, housing, wages, transport infrastructure and electric transport. The meeting was held in an open and confidential atmosphere.

The speaker emphasized that she supervises the modernization process at the plant. These works have reached homestretch. The measures will help increase the depth of oil processing up to 90%. The investment program includes complex development of the enterprise, development of new production facilities and reconstruction of existing sites. Naftan has already completed the reconstruction of the primary oil processing unit AT-8.

According to Naftan General Director Aleksandr Demidov, the plant continues its program to diversify oil supplies. “Today we received the first ever batch of Bakken crude oil from the United States. Over the past five or six months it has been the third grade of oil, which has not been processed here before. First we tried Norwegian oil, then Arab oil. We will continue to diversify oil supplies this year,” he said.

According to experts, American oil is similar to Urals oil in its characteristics. Oil from the United States has a higher potential for light oil products.

American oil has become the 12th tanker delivery for Belarus from alternative suppliers this year. The total volume of tanker supplies has already exceeded 1 million tonnes of oil.

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