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Arctic nature reserve to begin using renewable energy sources by 2021

August 08, 2019/ 10:10

Arkhangelsk. Research facilities on the Flora Cape, Franz Josef Land, will switch to using renewable energy sources (RES) by 2021. Presently, the national park’s other three research facilities are backed up with alternative energy sources, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources’ press service said in a statement.

"Presently, three research facilities on the Zhelaniye Cape on the Severny Island of the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago, on the Alexandra Land Island and on the Hooker Island on Franz Josef Land are backed up fully with alternative energy sources," the press service said. "Further on, in 2020-2021, RES will be installed at the research facilities on the Flora Cape, the Northbrook Island."

In 2011, the Russian Arctic National Park was among the first national parks to begin using alternative energy sources, told TASS. The park’s specific location and big distances from the mainland make impossible using centralized energy supplies there. Thus, the park has been eying alternative energy sources since it was organized in 2009.

The Russian Arctic National Park is Russia’s northernmost and biggest nature reserve, which takes the area of 8.8 million hectares. It was organized on June 15, 2009. The Park includes a northern part of the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago’s Severny Island and the entire Franz Josef Land Archipelago. The park’s year-round research facility, Omega, works on the Alexandra Land, and another seasonal base works on the Hooker Island.

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