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A New Line of Hydraulic Oils at TANECO

August 01, 2019/ 08:02

Moscow. The production of hydraulic oils is an important accomplishment in the framework of modernizing of the TATNEFT’s oil production business. The Company selected domestically manufactured technological equipment and automation tools to equip the new production following the course of import substitution policy. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the teams of JSC TANECO and the PJSC TATNEFT’s Department for the Implementation of the Construction Projects, the installation and commissioning of a new line for the production and packaging of hydraulic oils were completed within the shortest possible time.

According to the technical specifications they comply with modern environmental standards and operational requirements and are manufactured on the basis of the own Group II and III base oils produced by hydrocracking technology. This increases competitiveness compared to lubricants currently produced from Group I base oils, informs press center TATNEFT.
The advantages of VMGZ oil produced by JSC TANECO are confirmed by the following parameters.:
- high viscosity index characterizes the ability of the oil to maintain properties over a wide range of temperatures;
- high flash point provides for fire safety. It also indicates the absence of volatile fractions, which evaporate at the most loaded units of equipment at high temperatures, which leads to an increase in oil consumption;
- high acidity number due to the balanced content of additives and characterizes good anti-wear properties, providing for the protection of parts against wear, oil resistance to oxidation, high thermal and hydrolytic stability.
New products can be used in the northern regions as a working fluid in hydraulic systems of various industrial equipment, it is also intended for the use as a winter grade under moderate climatic conditions in hydraulic drive systems and hydraulic control of construction, road, logging, lifting and transport and other machines in industrial hydraulic equipment operated in the open air at operating oil temperature from minus 40° for VMGZ-45, from minus 45 for VMGZ-55 and from minus 50 in case of VMGZ-60.
The design capacity of the production of new lubricants at the TANECO Complex is 1,800 tonnes per year.
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