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Rosneft takes part in rescue of the polar bear in Norilsk

June 25, 2019/ 08:06

Moscow. A two-year female polar bear that came out to people in search of food was rescued in Norilsk with help of Rosneft Oil Company and the Wildlife Conservation and Research Society. Due to the severe physical exhaustion of the animal, the specialists had to perform an operation to save her as fast as possible.

Under the supervision of an experienced veterinarian and a zoologist, the 200-kilogram bear in a special cage was successfully transported to the Krasnoyarsk Park of flora and fauna “Roev Ruchey”, where an orphan polar bear cub Ursula already lives that was rescued with the Company’s help on Dickson Island in late 2018. Currently, Rosneft is building a new spacious enclosure for polar bears in the Krasnoyarsk park.

Since 2013, polar bears of all Russian zoos have been under the treatment of the Company. By now Rosneft provides management (nutritional wellbeing, veterinary attendance, and the environment fulfilment) of 32 polar bears: 15 grown-up females, 13 grown-up males, and four cubs under the age of two. Also, Rosneft has been implementing an integrated programme on the support and protection of polar bears that include rescuing and recovery management of young orphaned bears. The programme covers care for the animals in all zoos of Russia.

The rescued polar bear almost died of starvation and severe physical exhaustion. Trying to survive, the wild animal ate whatever she could find, including food from the local rubbish heap. It caused the dysfunction of her gastrointestinal tract, which, according to experts, is a dangerous condition for an animal.

Currently, the bear is receiving all the necessary treatment and healthy food. An enclosure in the quarantine section was prepared for her in the park “Roev Ruchey”. The wild animal will be held under the close supervision of doctors, who have all the necessary equipment at their disposal.

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