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Environmental activities of TATNEFT company for half a year

August 27, 2018/ 11:22

Almetyevsk. TATNEFT continues to work systematically on improving the environmental safety of crude oil production processes. Particular attention is paid to reducing emissions to air, compliance with the standards of permissible environmental impact.

First and fore most, the implementation of measures is provided through maintaining the technical condition of the oilfield equipment at the appropriate level, as well as through introducing modern and innovative environmental technologies.

Today, there are 44 hydrocarbon vapor recovery units operating at the Company's facilities. 0.95 km of gas pipelines were overhauled during the first half of the year and reconstruction of flare units at the oil and gas production facilities was carried out. Works on the construction of the off-site flare system of the Minnibayevsky gas-processing factory were continued. In the first half of the year, the level of efficient APG utilization at TATNEFT amounted to 96.3 percent.

The state monitoring studies of atmospheric air at production facilities and populated areas in the Company's operation area were carried out on 33 ingredients (hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, etc.). Concurrently, meteorological observations were carried out: measurements of wind speed and direction, temperature and relative air humidity.

In the first half of this year TATNEFT Company produced 296.9 km of sour service pipes. Electrochemical protection of more than 66 km of pipelines was carried out. Diagnostic inspection of over 787 km of pipelines was performed and more than 2,642 tonnes of highly effective inhibitors were used to ensure protection against internal corrosion.

The internal surface anticorrosive protection of 10 technological vessels (gas piping units and vertical steel tanks (RVS)) were performed at the facilities of crude oil collection and treatment. 8 vertical steel tanks (RVS) were overhauled.

For the protection of land areas, surface and groundwater the Company overhauled 34.31 km of oil pipelines for crude oil collection and oil treatment systems, as well as 24.42 km of reservoir pressure maintenance system pipelines using corrosion-resistant pipes. 155 highly reliable packers were introduced. In total, 7,778 injection wells are equipped with packers of various designs now, which accounts for 78.8 percent of the injection wells operating stock.

The Company completed by 7/8 the technical upgrading of the recirculated water supply system of Tatneftegazpererabotka Division, as well as the construction of the purification facilities block for the recirculating water supply system for gas processing facilities for the purposes of protection and rational use of water resources.

There is a local network of 2,117 observation points for water bodies functioning at the territory of the TATNEFT’s license areas. Industrial environmental monitoring is carried out by 12 chemical analytical laboratories of the Company's structural divisions, as well as by the laboratories of OOO "UPTZh dlya PPD", FBUZ "Hygiene and Epidemiology Center for the Republic of Tatarstan". The analysis of water is carried with regard to such characteristic for crude oil production parameters  as chloride ion, sulphate ion, total hardness, hydrocarbonates, calcium, oil and oil products in dissolved and emulsified state, etc.

In the first half of 2018, only the chemical analytical laboratory of OOO UPTZH dlya PPD collected 584 water samples and performed 4,948 analyses of water samples. The water quality in the main rivers at the territory of the Company's operations remained stable. More than 500 springs were cleared, capped and architecturally equipped during half a year.

Provision of clean drinking water for the inhabitants of the region was a significant social project during recent years. In 2018, the Company allocated RUB 50 million for this purpose.

The Company planted more than 5,000 trees and bushes within the framework of the program on landscaping of the near-highway lanes along the highways during the first half of 2018.

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