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Targin Drilling in TOP 5 of Russias drilling contractors

October 04, 2016/ 07:47

Moscow. The Russia’s oil and gas companies have been polled to determine the most efficient service contractors. According to the polling results, the drilling division of Targin – Targin Burenie LLC – ranks fifth in the Production and Exploration Drilling group, which is one step higher than the last year’s result.
It is a legal result for the company that has experienced personnel and is typically known to do high-quality work. Besides, recently Targin have been intensively introducing most advanced technologies and renewed their equipment fleet significantly.
The polling covered 44 clients including major market participants of the country, informs Targin. Contractors put their estimates using a five-grade scale and basing on their interaction experience.

Poll results:
1) ERIELL — 4.44
2) CAToil-Drilling — 4.40
3) BKE — 4.38
4) NSH Asia Drilling (GK Neftserviceholding) — 4.20
5) Targin Drilling — 4.17
6) Gazprom Burenie — 3.90
7) Siberian Service Company (SSC) — 3.90
8) Nova Energy Services (Investgeoservice) — 3.83
9) Integra-Burenie (GK Integra) — 3.25.

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