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JSC Samotlorneftegaz is about to finish the winter remediation plan

March 25, 2017/ 07:01

Nizhnevartosk. Samotlorneftegaz is about to finish the winter remediation plan for 2016-2017. Due to the all-year-round operation of the Environment Remediation Division (ERD) the scope of remediated legacy lands is rising year after year.

The Environmental division shifted to all-year-round operation mode back in 2013. Preliminary and technical stages are done during the winter, which makes it possible to use the short northern summer as the biological stage. Besides, the cold season is the best time for operation in the hard-to-access areas. Considering the fact that Samotlor oilfield is a swampy area, this is crucially important.  

According to Andrey Borisov, the general director deputy for Safety, Health and Environment, the scope of remediated lands inherited from the Soviet period rises by 10-15% every year.

“If 25 years ago the norm was 40 ha, today this indicator has risen seven times. In 2014 the State Commission accepted 157 ha, in 2015 – 178 ha, in 2016 – 256 ha. By 2020 the company is planning to get rid of the legacy in Samotlor oilfield”, he said.

This year severe frosts in KhMAD interfered with the work of the Environment Remediation Division. Nevertheless, all the planned activities will be done at full and on time. At the moment, the work is being finished at 6 locations at once, with 126 ha involved into the operation. Over 150 specialists and 30 pieces of modern equipment are employed at the work on the legacy lands. The used swamp excavators, mini off road vehicles, snowmobiles and  snow and swamp going vehicles enable the specialists to remediate the lands efficiently and carefully. 

“We have the latest equipment in our disposal. There are as many as 11 swamp excavators. Swimming swamp going vehicles are absolutely invaluable in swampy areas and in water”, says Denis Yumanov, the head of ERD Operation and Process Service.

Note that in 2017 Samotlorneftegaz  Environment Remediation Division celebrated 25 years since its foundation. It is symbolic that the anniversary coincided with the Year of Environment held this year. Today the ERD is the most important part in the technological chain of the biggest oil producing company in Nezhnevartovsk region with the staff of 150 people and the  zone of responsibility stretching from Nizhnevartovsk to the Tyumen oilfield.  

The environmental activities done by Samotlorneftegaz have brought feasible results. Rosneft’s subsidiary submits large areas of remediated legacy lands to the State Commission every year. Though it’s not only the commission that approves of the company’s efforts, but so does the nature itself. In the summer first vegetation starts to grow on the remediated lands, which means the remediation was successful and the piece of lands is getting back into the ecosystem.  

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