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TATNEFT Continues Reforming the Procurement System

February 14, 2017/ 11:22

Almetyevsk, Tatarstan. The Company continued active design works on re-engineering the procurement system of TATNEFT Company in 2016 with introduction of the procurement categorization mechanisms, delegation of authority and responsibility personalization, as well as establishment of the parametric goods descriptions library.
A Project is being implemented to reduce the time of procurement and a Project of procurement centralization within the TATNEFT Group, informs the press service of Tatneft.
The information core of the procurement system is still the trade and purchasing platform (TTP of TATNEFT), where there are 21.5 thousand of existing suppliers registered with 6,262 of this number registered in 2016. 4,789 suppliers were involved in tender activities for the supply of goods. There were 43,858 commercial offers for goods received through tenders. The total amount of purchases carried out in the open competitive environment exceeded the amount of RUB 30 billion.
The Company’s Contractors also purchase materials at fhe electronic platform. And every minimal price for the contractor’s materials in the TATNEFT’s divisions becomes a reference mark of price reducing for the other divisions. Thus, the "crowdsourcing" effect is applied among the buyers while the operational control of all the decisions taken is performed by TATNEFT.
The highest estimate of the Company’s purchasing activities received from the expert community of the Russian Federation in 2016 was the first place in the "National rating of the procurement transparency". TATNEFT was assigned the highest category of the "Guaranteed Transparency" in the segment of commercial customers.
Reforming of the procurement system is still going on. Currently, within the frame of the reorganization project there are changes being implemented in the management organizational structure of the Logistics Department and "Tatneftesnab" Division.


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