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Samotlorneftegaz is making its pipeline system more reliable

February 09, 2017/ 11:02

Nizhnevartovsk. JSC Samotlorneftegaz, a Rosneft’s subsidiary, is actively using new state-of-the-art technologies for pipeline testing and repairing. Thanks to the new technology the company has been reducing the number of failures since 2013.   

Today another new technology is successfully implemented in Samotlor oilfield, that is a new technology for pipeline repair under pressure without stopping the product transport. In 2016 the company’s specialists performed five such operations using a special equipment complex. 

“The main advantage of this technology compared to the conventional techniques is that it enables to replace defective parts, repair or install valves and joints and so on without stopping the product transport and without reducing the pressure in the pipeline”, explains Vasily Smoleninov, the Pipeline Operation and Maintenance Department Head. “This way there is no need to stop a large number of wells to repair a defective pipeline section, which means reduced production losses and reduced cost of operation”.

It is important that the defective section is sealed during the repair operation. Meanwhile the produced fluid is transported in a bypass line avoiding the section in repair. Samotlorneftegas is currently using a mobile pipeline system of polyurethane lay-flat hoses. The dismountable pipeline has a number of advantages compared to the conventional metal pipes. There is no need to prepare the land as carefully as for the conventional pipes. Its operating temperature range is between -60 and +80°. The polyurethane lay-flat hoses have a high chemical endurance, they are leak-proof and mobile.    

“The dismountable pipeline section is used as a bypass for the product transport, enabling to access the defective part and repair it quickly and efficiently. The repair is done without stopping the active well-stock and with no damage to the environment”, says Vaisly Smoleninov.

The company’s pipeline system is controlled by means of in-line inspection. The ultrasonic intelligent pig, that has been used in the company since 2014 has enabled to significantly improve the pipeline control. Besides, air drones (UAVs) are constantly monitoring the facility operations. There are 7 UAVs in the company at the moment, operating 24/7. The drones make on average 5-6 flights a day, covering the total of a thousand kilometers.     

Note that Samotlorneftegaz operates 5,909.7 km of different purpose pipelines, including oil-gathering pipelines, high and low pressure water conduits, gas pipelins, pumping line systems. Failure-free operation of the pipeline system is one of the company’s key objectives. Samotlorneftegaz pipeline system is being constantly renovated. New modern pipeline sections with improved inner and outer coating are being installed. In 2016 over 142 km of pipeline were replaced.    

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