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Russias oil exports down by 25% in July, to 17.22 million tonnes

August 03, 2020/ 08:14

Moscow. Russia’s oil exports stood at 17.22 million tonnes in July 2020, or down by 25.2% on the previous year, as follows from a report of the Central Dispatching Department of Fuel Energy Complex released on Sunday.

Since the year beginning, oil exports went down by 8.8%, to 140.2 million tonnes, informs TASS.

Russia takes part in the OPEC+ oil production cuts deal effective since May 2020. Under the deal, Russia is cutting its oil output by about 19% on February 2020.

Exports to former Soviet republics went up by 1.6% in July, to 1.49 million tonnes, but dropped by 37.4% on the year, to 6.1 million tonnes. Oil exports to other countries shrank by 27% in July, to 15.72 million tonnes (down by 6.8% on the year, to 134.05 million tonnes).


Oil transit in July decreased by 4.3% and stood at 1.66 million tonnes (11.3 million tonnes since the beginning of the year).

A total of 22.5 million tonnes of oil were sold on the domestic market, or by 11.7% less than a year ago. Supplies to the domestic market went down by 2.4% in January-July, to 162.22 million tonnes.

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