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Gazprom Export in touch with partners on gas pipeline accident

July 28, 2020/ 09:15

Moscow. Gazprom Export is in contact with its partners regarding the pipeline accident on the border between Bulgaria and Greece and expects an update on timing for completion of repair work from the Bulgarian side, the company’s press service told TASS on Monday.

"Gazprom Export is aware of the situation at the gas pipeline from Bulgaria to Greece and is in a continuous contact with its partners. The company awaits an update on the repair work completion time from the Bulgarian side," the company says.

The accident occurred on Monday morning on the pipeline between Bulgaria and Greece near Kulata settlement in the immediate vicinity of the border. About 200 meters of the gas pipeline were damaged and the segment was isolated, the Energy Ministry of Bulgaria says.

Wear and tear of the gas pipeline is the most probable cause of the failure, Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov said at the briefing.

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