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Nornickel plans to have modern system to monitor permafrost

July 15, 2020/ 12:55

Moscow. Nornickel (a metals giant Norilsk Nickel) will make a modern system to monitor conditions of the permafrost, the company’s Vice President on Ecology and Environment Andrei Bugrov said on Tuesday.

Over 21,000 cubic meters of petroleum products spilled at the Thermal Power Plant No. 3 of the Norilsk and Taimyr Energy Company (a part of Nornickel) on May 29 after the concrete foundation of a fuel storage tank sank, causing the fuel facility’s collapse. Experts say the accident could have been caused by the global climate changes as the soil got warmer, ask TASS.

"The main problem, in addition to the work to minimize the damage, is the permafrost’s conditions and the hazardous industrial facilities built on it," the company’s representative said during a roundtable at Russia’s Civic Chamber, which was devoted to the oil spill in Norilsk. "The company has organized inspections, and we have closed down a few facilities. <…> The Diagnosis Center at the Polar Division will be expanded. We shall work on a modern system to monitor the frozen soil, using advance methods.".

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