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Russias import of gasoline from Belarus skyrocketing in April

May 19/ 08:12

Moscow. Russia imported 40,100 tonnes of gasoline by rail from Belarus, which is 200 times more than over the last year on the whole, Argus agency reports.

Russia imported just 200 tonnes of motor gasoline from Belarus in 2019.

The main reason of such dramatic growth is the low price of wholesale lots of Belarusian gasoline, which was at least 500 rubles ($6.87) per tonne lower than the domestic fuel, whose offer has declined significantly on the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange, TASS reports.

"Owners of some retail site chains started forming inventories of cheap Belarusian fuel in such environment, expecting further rise in gasoline demand and fuel price growth on the wholesale market after softening of quarantine measures," Argus noted.


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