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TATNEFT company organizes production of antiseptics at TANECO

March 27, 2020/ 09:15

Almetyevsk. TATNEFT Company has decided to start production of antiseptics physically based at the TANECO Complex to assist in the fight against coronavirus infection.

The production of an antiseptic solution at TANECO is organized within a very short time. The Company has already purchased the necessary components and elaborated the standard process documentation.

TATNEFT will use the process equipment of the Complex and the packaging line for Eurocubes for the fabrication of popular products. The products will be packaged in plastic cans of 10 and 20 liters.

TANECO will produce an antiseptic solution in accordance with the recipe that complies with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The main component of the solution will be isopropyl alcohol. The regular treatment of the hands with an alcohol-containing antiseptic is one of the effective ways to prevent both previously known infectious diseases and the coronavirus as well.

 TATNEFT plans to supply the fabricated at TANECO antiseptic products both to the Company’s own enterprises and to the social services of the regions of the Company's operations.  

 TATNEFT believes that mutual support and mutual assistance are of utmost importance than ever before. The Company has already been attracting representatives of small business of the oil region of the Republic to tailoring protective masks earlier arranging free provision of prototype models and expendables. To join the ranks of volunteers for tailoring the masks, it is necessary to fill up the questionnaire by clicking the link https://forms.gle/63d6Vobp53zYv12TA.

Also, young employees of TATNEFT provide assistance to the elderly living in self-isolation in the settlements of the South-Easter part of Tatarstan. The volunteers deliver food, medical supplies to their homes and, if necessary, help the pensioners with online payment for housing and communal services.


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