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Putin urges to control petroleum products prices

March 18, 2020/ 08:34

Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged to hold control over petroleum products prices.

"Summer diesel prices have slightly increased, while winter (diesel prices) added more, but also within inflation. Whereas (prices of) 92 (Octane) gasoline gained 10.44% in one year. How do you estimate that? Oil prices dropped two-fold, it would be good to remain at the previous level. (Prices) growth was two times higher than inflation," he said at the meeting with government members on Tuesday.

President urged to pay attention to the issue, told TASS.

"Prices have collapsed recently, the exchange rate has collapsed, (the oil price) earlier approached 65 (dollars per barrel - TASS), even 70 (dollars per barrel), whereas now it is slightly over 30 (dollars per barrel), while gasoline prices are twice as high," he noted.

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