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Draft decree on promotion of electric vehicles submitted to Belarusian president

March 11, 2020/ 10:50

Minsk. A draft decree on the promotion of electric vehicles is on the agenda of a meeting of the head of state with the leadership of the Council of Ministers in Minsk on 9 March, BelTA has learned.

According to the head of state, electric vehicles have not yet received a proper momentum in the country. The uncertainty with oil and fuel prices proves that electric vehicles have an enormous potential, the president noted. “It is not just a tribute to fashion or a desire to keep up with advanced countries, though it is true, too. This is an urgent need today," he said.

Many states are already developing this promising sector. “Countries such as Belarus which are export-oriented, which do not have huge mineral reserves, have long focused on electric transport. It is only fitting that w should focus on this too. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will launch two units of the nuclear power plant," the president said. "We can generate more electricity. So why are not we promoting, with the time on our hands, electric vehicles, greater electricity consumption today? This is a replacement for hydrocarbons.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that even by a personal example he has already demonstrated the possibilities of an electric car. “I did not do it to show off a new car. I have been encouraging you and the whole society to focus more on that," he explained. The head of state also recalled the instruction to the National Academy of Sciences to create a domestic electric car.

The president suggested discussing once again how effective the proposed measures to stimulate the use of electric vehicles are. “The goal, considering the upcoming launch of the nuclear power plant, is to make electricity for cars cheaper than petrol and diesel. Then people will be happy to buy electric cars. Do the initiatives that have been introduced meet this goal?” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Other documents submitted to the head of state include the draft decrees on additional stimulation of local authorities, on the proposals to improve the bankruptcy procedure and protection of workers' rights, on state surveillance of technical status of tractors and other equipment, and on the container deposit system. Among the topics on the agenda of the meeting is the improvement of notary services, amendments to the standards of duty-free import of goods by individuals.

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