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TCOs gas production in 2018 reached 7.9bn cubic meters

February 19/ 11:13
Atyrau. Tengizchevroil produced 7.9bn cubic meters of gas last year at Tengiz deposit in Atyrau region, Kazinform correspondent reports.

In 2019, the company sold more than 1.3mn tonnes of liquefied gas, 7.9bn tonnes of dry gas and more than 2.6mn tonnes of sulfur.

As per the TCO’s 2019 Year Report, the company spent $4.6 billion on the purchase of Kazakhstani goods and services in 2019 that is 31% more compared to 2018.

TCO’s crude oil production reached a new annual record of 29.79 million tons, demonstrating a 4% increase compared to 2018.

Kazakhstani citizens occupy 89% of all jobs and 80% of managerial and supervisory positions in the company’s base business (excluding FGP-WPMP staff).

Discovered in 1979, Tengiz field is one of the world's deepest and largest developed super giant oil fields .The explored reserves of the Tengiz collector is 3.2bn tonnes (25.5bn barrels) and 200 mn tonnes (1.6bn barrels) at the Korolevskoye field. The extracted reserves of oil at Tengiz and Korolevskoye deposits range from 890 million to 1.37bn tonnes (7.1-10.9 billion barrels)



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