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Russian-Qatari cooperation in oil, gas sector to expand, says envoy to Doha

February 14, 2020/ 08:02

Moscow. Russia’s Ambassador to Qatar Nurmahmad Kholov expects the cooperation between Moscow and Doha in the oil and gas sector to expand.

"Russia and Qatar actively cooperate in the oil and gas sector, including the field of hydrocarbons trade, experience and know how sharing," the diplomat said in an interview with TASS on Thursday.

Both sides consider joint investment projects, as well as production localization and import substitution, interesting, he said. "Particularly, the cooperation between our countries focuses on joint investment projects, both in Russia and Qatar and on the territory of third countries. For example, the issue of production localization and import substitution is relevant for both states. In this respect, the localization program for production and services in the energy sector has been implemented in Qatar since 2019," Kholov added.

Same as Russia, Qatar is interested in expanding "the use of natural gas, its most efficient utilization" and is involved in the search for new outlets, including the possibility of using it as gas engine fuel, he said. "The mentioned issues are being efficiently discussed at the platform of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum headquartered in Doha," the ambassador added.

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