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Belarus draining crude oil linefill from Druzhba pipeline

February 12, 2020/ 10:10

Minsk. Belarus is draining crude oil linefill from the Druzhba pipeline, the press service of the Belarusian state petrochemical concern Belneftekhim told BelTA.

The source said: “Since the [desired] volume of oil deliveries has not been restored yet, we have to optimize our resources. In order to keep our enterprises working and utilize the available resources, we are draining crude oil linefill from sections of the Druzhba pipeline.”

The source made it clear that oil is being drained from the pipeline's parts, which are not used to transit Russian oil. “It cannot negatively affect the transit of Russian oil to Europe in any way. Besides, we've notified Russian partners about it. It is not some clandestine activity on our part. This oil is ours. It is in our pipes,” Belneftekhim stressed.

The press service also explained that some parts of the Druzhba pipeline are being temporarily shut down but can be returned to full service promptly when necessary. “It is a temporary measure. Once the volume of deliveries is restored, these sections will be returned to their previous state and will be reactivated,” the source said.

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