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Rosneft Implements aI system on drilling rigs

January 24/ 08:09

Moscow. Rosneft is implementing an artificial intelligence (AI) system on its drilling rigs operating on the fields in Orenburg Region. Specialists from Orenburgneft JSC have conducted successful pilot tests of Russia’s first automated drilling management system.

Technological potential development is one of the key items of the Rosneft-2022 Strategy. The Company pays special attention to innovation and breakthroughs, recognising the technological leadership as an essential element for competitive performance on the oil market.

The automated drilling management system operates like an autopilot for drilling. Using the initial parameters, the system makes timely corrections to the drilling process management. The intellectual system’s key advantage is security. Every 10 milliseconds it scans the sensor readings and responds quickly. Once the critical values are reached, the system stops the works itself and informs the drill master by means of a light and sound alarm. Also, depending on the type of drilling, the automated drilling management system independently calculates the maximum speed corresponding to the technical limit.

The new development has reduced mechanical well drilling time by one day. The economic effect of drilling one well is about 5 million roubles.

The main parameter to evaluate the efficiency of the system is an increase in the mechanical speed of penetration. During pilot tests, the Company’s specialists have enhanced this indicator by 15% on average.

The technology has been proposed for running on other facilities of the Rosneft Oil Company’s oil and gas production complex.

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