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Lukoil wont speed up commercial operation of gas fields in Yamal Nenets District

December 11, 2019/ 08:13

Moscow. Russian oil major Lukoil has no plans to speed up the commissioning of its gas projects in the Yamal Nenets Autonomous District in Russia’s north, Ilya Mandrik, the company’s Vice President for exploration and development, said at a press conference.

The company’s projects there include Yuzhno-Messoyakhskoye and Khalmerpayutinskoye fields, told TASS. "Yuzhno-Messoyakhskoye and Khalmerpayutinskoye fields are mainly gas fields and possess a significant raw material base. However, given the volume of gas production in the country, there is no great urgency to speed up these fields’ development. It would be more relevant to find new technological solutions to develop these fields more efficiently," he said.

"We will launch the wells in 2020. Their potential in the amount of about 2 million [cubic meters] of gas per day. Based on these works, we will update the project documents and talk about the full involvement of reserves in the development," Mandrik said.

Yuzhno-Messoyakhskoye gas condensate field was discovered in 1983. It is one of the Bolshekhetskaya Depression fields, which are the company’s key gas producing assets in Russia. The decision to bring back the Yuzhno-Messoyakhskoye field into commercial operation was made as part of the Lukoil cooperation agreement with the government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District for 2017-2019.

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