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EC confirms it has no plans to appeal EUs court decision on OPAL gas pipeline

November 29, 2019/ 08:25

Brussels. The European Commission (EC) will not appeal the decision of the EU Court of Justice to restrict Gazprom’s use of the OPAL gas pipeline capacity, official spokesperson of the European Commission, Anna-Kaisa Itkonen told TASS on Thursday.

"Indeed, I can confirm this to be true," she said when asked whether the EC could confirm respective media reports.

OPAL is a branch pipe connecting Nord Stream to the gas transmission system of Central and Western Europe, told TASS.

In September, on considering Poland’s lawsuit, the EU Court of Justice overturned the European Commission’s decision dated 2016, according to which Gazprom could fully use the capacity of the OPAL gas pipeline, meaning 36 bln cubic meters per year. The Russian company reserves the right to use half of OPAL’s capacity. Following the decision, Gazprom slashed supplies via OPAL and started boosting gas transit to Europe through Ukraine.


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