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Gazprom Export offers guaranteed income from gas transit to Georgia

January 11, 2017/ 12:47

Moscow. Gazprom Export has offered a guaranteed income from service on gas transportation to Georgia. On January 10, in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, a regular meeting of the General Director of OOO Gazprom Export Elena Burmistrova and Georgia’s Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze took place.
The parties agreed conditions of gas transportation through Georgia to Armenia and gas supplies to Georgia.
"Gazprom Export has made a package proposal to Georgia under optimal and mutually beneficial conditions, which will allow the Georgian party to raise guaranteed income from transportation services and improve the reliability of gas supply in Georgia," Burmistrova said.
Georgia serves as a transit country to transport Russian gas to Armenia.
Previously, Russia paid Georgia for gas transportation by supplying natural gas in the amount of 10% of the transported gas volume, informs TASS.
"In the global practice of gas trade they no longer apply payments with raw materials. The Russian party has proposed to the partners switching to money payments for gas transportation services on the basis of the rates used in the EU," according to the statement.

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