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Africa needs gas transportation system

October 18, 2019/ 08:06

St. Petersburg. Africa needs infrastructure to transport gas. This was announced by Natalia Zeizer, the Chairman for the African Business Initiative UNION during the panel discussion “Russian-African Gas Dialogue: Prospects for Cooperation and Innovative Approaches” at the IGF-2019

“There must be transportation through pipelines between African countries from regions that have significant gas reserves to countries that need gas energy. This is a very important step, it takes a lot of work and serious investment. The gasification of the African continent with a powerful gas transportation infrastructure is the very future that we need to strive for”, said Zeizer.

Meanwhile, she said, even having significant gas reserves, the African population has no benefit from them, since all natural reserves are exported.

Natalia Zeizer used Mozambique as an example, a country that had almost no economic potential until recently. However, some of the largest gas fields were discovered in Mozambique in an instant, by 2017 there were already 18 of them, which moved the country to 14th place in the world’s natural gas reserves.

“How did these discoveries affect the development of the country? At the beginning, according to experts, there were no changes. The population did not benefit from the availability of energy resources. However, this is a matter of time and quite a serious effort. Because discovering a field and starting gas production is not all. It is necessary to create an entire energy system, ensuring public access to energy resources”, explained Zeiser.

Note that the 4th International Exhibition and Conference on the Development of Oil and Gas Reserves in the Russian Arctic and CIS Offshore took place in St. Petersburg on October 1-4, 2019. The key topics of discussion at the conference were Russia's position on the global LNG market, the state and prospects for offshore technical equipment and oil and gas production equipment manufacturing, offshore transportation of Arctic oil and gas, creating a fleet for developing oil and gas reserves in the Arctic sea coast and offshore, and also regulations on oil and gas reserves development in the Arctic and offshore Russia.

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