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Rosneft discovers new field offshore Sakhalin

October 01, 2019/ 12:27

Moscow. As part of its exploration campaign, Rosneft Oil Company has successfully completed the drilling of the first prospecting and appraisal well at the Vostochno-Pribrezhny license block on the shelf of Sakhalin Island, resulting in the discovery of a new oil field.

The well was drilled by Rosneft’s own drilling contractor RN-Burenie in accordance with the planned dates and all safety and environmental protection standards.

As a result of drilling, the measured depth was 3,047 metres; the vertical deviation was 1,450 metres. A well design that provided for drilling two holes with S-shaped paths was developed for optimal discovery of all intended targets in the course of drilling in difficult geological conditions. A set of geophysical studies in the open hole confirmed the oil saturation of productive formations.

Preparations are now underway to test the well in casing. According to preliminary estimates, the reserves are up to 2 million tonnes of oil, which will be included in the State balance sheet in 2019.

In the course of further development of the project, decisions will be made on the timing of the commissioning of the new field. The first well drilled in the licensed area at the moment confirms the forecast made earlier by the Company’s geologists for the resource potential of the entire area of 11 million tonnes of oil equivalent.

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