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Minister: Karelia may supply construction materials for Arctic projects

September 26, 2019/ 09:03

Moscow. Supplies of construction materials for Arctic projects could make an economic growth point for Karelia, which is among Russia’s ten regions with lowest rates of social and economic development, Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin told TASS.

"We all know Karelian gravel, but in the construction of the Yamal LNG plant, Sabetta — the port and airport, we used gravel from Norway," he said. "It is a matter of logistics, of how to use effectively the resources we have."

"Many new projects are due in the Arctic, and it is important that Karelia should become a supplier of construction materials," he added.

The minister stressed the importance of new logistics solutions. Earlier, Karelia’s legislators pointed to high tariffs on gravel delivery — railway transportation expenses make about 80% of high-quality Karelian gravel’s price. This is why the region cannot compete with other regions or neighboring countries in supplies of similar materials.

"[Other growth points] in Karelia are tourism and fishing regulations as now tourists prefer to go fishing not to Karelia, but to Finland," the minister continued. "Other points are the pulp and paper sector, wood processing, construction materials — a big number of sectors, which exist, but which require an impetus to get to a new level."

In June 2019, at a meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin pointed to ten regions, where economic development rates are low, and said the government would appoint supervisors. The minister was assigned to supervise economic development in Altai, Karelia and Tuva.


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