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Rosneft expands range of petrochemicals sold at SPIMEX exchange trades

September 13, 2019/ 11:02

Moscow. Rosneft Oil Company has expanded the range of petrochemical products sold at the exchange trades of the Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX). On September 4, 2019, the Company started selling SKEPT 50 and SKEPT 40 ethylene-propylene-diene rubber manufactured by PJSC Ufaorgsintez on the exchange.

Rosneft is actively involved in trading at SPIMEX. In addition to synthetic rubber, the Company regularly trades petrochemical products such as C2 and P1 petroleum solvents (nefras), orthoxylene, and industrial sulphur produced by the group entities.

Petrochemical assets are an important part of Rosneft’s production complex. High quality of products and consistent improvement of the production process allow the Company to successfully compete with Russian and foreign producers in the Russian market.

Development of the petrochemical business is one of Rosneft’s strategic tasks. Integrated implementation of advanced management approaches, new technologies, and increased returns on existing assets will help Rosneft to promote profitability of this business segment to the level of leading competitors.

Rosneft’s development strategy also provides for a significant increase in the level of Rosneft’s petrochemical assets integration with its refineries, optimization of process utilizations, and expansion of the final product basket.

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