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Cuadrilla resumes hydraulic fracturing operations at its flagship Lancashire site

August 16, 2019/ 09:03

Baku. Leading onshore shale gas exploration operator of the UK Cuadrilla confirmed it has resumed hydraulic fracturing operations at its flagship Lancashire site in Preston New Road, Trend reports citing the company.

The company announced that it would return to operations last month and has secured all the required permits and permissions to fracture up to 45 stages on its second horizontal well at the site.

The work will be completed by the end of November and followed by flow testing of the well, with gas flow results expected early in 2020.

Laura Hughes, Projects and Operations Director at Cuadrilla confirmed that hydraulic fracturing would operate in line with the seismic traffic light system regulated by the Oil and Gas Authority.

“We have unique experience and expertise of hydraulic fracturing in the UK from operations on our first well at Preston New Road. Whilst there may well be low levels of induced seismicity, local people should be reassured that any resulting ground motion will be far below anything that could cause harm or damage and, indeed, is likely to be much less than caused daily by other industries such as quarrying or construction or even heavy goods vehicles travelling on our roads,” she added.


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