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Sberbank appeals to law enforcement over actions of Antipinsky Oil Refinery ex-shareholder

July 16, 2019/ 12:31
Moscow. Russia's Sberbank appealed to law enforcement agencies on suspicion of unlawful activities of the former main shareholder of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Dmitry Mazurov and the former head of the oil refinery Gennady Lisovichenko, Sberbank which is the main shareholder of the oil refinery released a statement on Monday.
Earlier, a representative of the New Stream told TASS that Mazurov was detained on July 13 at the Sheremetyevo Airport, as a suspect.
"Sberbank has filed a statement with the law enforcement over repeated unlawful activities by the controlling shareholder of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Mazurov and the former Director General of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Lisovichenko, which falls under the definition of "fraud on a large scale committed by an organized group." "Based on this statement, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code," the bank reports.
The credit organization also revealed "numerous facts of Antipinsky Oil Refinery's entering into agreements with affiliated intermediaries on non-market conditions, including export contracts, as a result of which the company suffered significant damage and substantial amount of money was transferred abroad."
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