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19.407 mln tons of oil produced in KhMAD in April

May 17, 2019/ 12:03

Khanty-Mansiisk. 19.407 mnl tons of oil were produced in KhMAD in April, which is 0.691 mln tons less than in March according to the Oil and Gas Information Anency estimate.

Drilling footage incleased significantly - to 1 mln 412.744 thousand meters. Producers drilled 276.791 thousand meters more in April than in March.

Average daily production reached 646.9 thousand tons. Compared to March 2019 production declined by 1.4 mln tons.

 374 new wells were put on production, which is 9 wells less than the monthly average, reports V.I.Shpilman Center for Sustainable Mining.

Besides, Rosneft OC put a new field - Khokhlovskoe on stream in April.

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