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Alexander Khurshudov: in case of extreme shortage of gas the Ukraine technically will not be able to reduce the consumption

December 19, 2016/ 08:49

Record low gas stocks in the Ukraine provide reasons to fear that Kiev will start withdrawing Russian gas to compensate for the illegal fine imposed on Gazprom. That is what Alexey Miller, the Head of the Russian corporation, claimed. In this case gas supply may be stopped. Though, the European Committee (with reference to the Ukrainian Prime Minister) verbally confirmed that the penalty will not affect the supplies.

Alexander Khurshudov, the Oil and gas information agensy expert, comments on the news:

Let's dwell upon the «trial», which took  place in Kiev. This is the triumph of idiocy indeed. And it's not only that Gazprom is immune to prosecution on the territory of the Ukraine, it doesn't carry any business there nor has any property. The moment the gas crosses the border, it is delivered to Naftogaz, which is fully responsible for its further transportation. It’s equally possible to impose a fine on, say, the Pope of Rome or the vice-king of India.

Though, this is the first case ever when the BYUER was considered a «monopolist». Since Gazprom is the buyer of transit service, and Naftogaz is the SELLER of this service, it is the later, who is a monopolist. Using this «logic» the Ukraine will soon impose a fine for monopolism on every retired person, who buys bread at the same shop every time…

However, idiocy is contagious. It seems to be gradually spreading on the Western Europe, which pays very little attention to the Ukraine's tricks. Groisman made a promise to Shefchovich (in passing, during the break) that they won't steal the gas, and everybody calmed down and put on happy smiles. They shouldn't have done this.

All the Ukrainian gas pipelines are interconnected. Dozens of streams enter  them, and DOZENS OF THOUSANDS exit. Every consumer regulates his own consumption. Nobody has the right to close his valve and leave him without heating during the cold season, or his pipes will freeze. And it’s not easy to reduce the supply: should the pressure rise slightly, more gas will start flowing to the neighbors.  So, in case of an extreme shortage of gas the Ukraine technically will not be able to reduce the consumption quickly.

This is exactly what happened in January 2009, when the Ukraine refused to conclude a contract and Gazprom reduced the volume of supply. The frosts were severe and the consumers instantly opened their valves to the full; the pressure dropped. While the compressor stations in Slovakia continued to withdraw their gas. Naftogaz had to stop the supply to the EU to save its own consumers from freezing. The Prime Minister Timoshenko saved the situation when she flew to Moscow in a flash and signed the contract; for doing this she was first called a hero, then put to prison, then released…

Obviously, the European officials won’t listen to technical reasoning, they know for sure that Putin is to be blamed for everything. So, if any of the readers happen to know them, show them this comment, so they won’t make a surprised look later…

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