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Ukraine should brace for fuel shortages following Russia's oil export ban analyst

May 08, 2019/ 09:41

Kiev. Ukraine should brace for fuel shortages following Russia’s introduction of a ban on the export of oil and oil products, economic analyst Alexander Okhrimenko has said.

"The ban will take effect on June 1. Fuel shortages will follow," he said on the 112 Ukraine TV on Tuesday.

The analyst slammed as a provocation Ukraine’s sanctions against Russia imposed in April. He attributed the decision to Pyotr Poroshenko’s loss in the presidential election.

"This was done because Poroshenko had lost the election. And it was done on purpose. That’s a foolish and provocative decision," Okhrimenko said, adding that after that Ukraine had been waiting for Russia to retaliate.

"Everybody was aware that Russia would strike back. Russia imposed restrictions on fuel supplies, which is a great problem for Ukraine," he stated.

The analyst believes the purpose of the provocation was to create problems for Ukraine’s new president, informs TASS. "Everybody knew very well there was no need for the sanctions at all. Our sanctions are unable to cause harm to the Russian economy," he warned. "Regrettably, Ukraine’s losses will be far worse regardless of what some may say."

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