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Expert: Erdogan may have politicized issue of Russian gas prices to send a signal to US

April 12/ 08:21

Moscow. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may have adopted a tough stance on the issue of Russian gas prices at Moscow talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to show Washington that Ankara remains an independent player despite purchasing S-400 missile defense systems from Moscow, secretary general of the Russian segment of the Russian-Turkish Public Forum Sergey Markov told TASS on Tuesday.

Erdogan said he expects gas price discounts from Russia. However, Putin pointed out that fuel prices are determined by the market.

"There are political undertones in the debate on gas prices. Erdogan wants to show Americans that it is not like he has bad relations with Washington and good relations with Moscow, but rather that it is tough for anybody to hold talks with him, that he has difficult relationships with everybody. Nothing personal, so to say," the expert noted.

Markov said that one should not rush to conclusions after Moscow and Ankara had some disagreements on gas prices, told TASS. "I would describe the results of the meeting between Putin and Erdogan as preliminary. Russia and Turkey are currently developing their partnership, and many different issues arise because it is impossible to always agree on everything. There are always disagreements," he said.


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