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Results of the TATNEFTs reservoir pressure maintenance system development in 2017

March 13/ 12:48

Almetyevsk. Acting within the framework of the Concept of RPM (reservoir pressure maintenance) System Development until TATNEFT Company has continued the introduction of promising technologies to maintain the reservoir pressure, aimed at improving the production efficiency and reducing the energy costs.

In 2018, the plan the Company put into operation 143 new wells was.

DCI technologies (dual completion and injection) were implemented in 67 injection wells. At present, this technology is applied in 795 wells.

The Company continued the work aimed at protecting the well downhole equipment against high pressure and corrosion. High pressure leak-proof packers were installed in 340 injection wells. Currently, the number of the injection wells where the mentioned packers have been installed totals 7,623 wells accounting for 77.6 percent of the Company’s operating injection wells stock.

There were fiberglass pipes actively introduced at TATNEFT in 2017 as the supply pipelines, which increased the reliability of water lines, while optimizing construction and capital repair costs. 23.5 km of water pipelines were built during the reporting period.

In the course of implementing programs aimed at optimization of energy consumption in the RPM system and import substitution in 2017 there were18 domestic positive displacement pumping systems introduced, which allowed reducing the specific energy consumption for injecting water to maintain the reservoir pressure to 6.76 kW*h / m3.

The work was also continued to provide fresh water for boilers at the HVO deposits for steam generation, injection of associated water and wastewater from boilers, commissioning of (associated water treatment station) Kamenka and UPPDV Karmalka.

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