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Environmental activities of TATNEFT company in 2018

January 31, 2019/ 08:09

Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan. TATNEFT Company professionals carried out a significant amount of work to improve the environmental safety of oilfield facilities in 2018.

TATNEFT continued systematic work in the area of improving the environmental safety of crude oil production processes. The Company implemented the monitoring system for the aggressiveness of the media transported. The Company's pipeline corrosion monitoring system allows tracking the achievement of specified target parameters in terms of the inhibition effectiveness and the degree of the transported media aggressiveness. In 2018, the Company carried out overhaul of more than 105 km of crude oil collection and crude oil treatment pipeline systems and about 90 km of water reservoir pressure maintenance systems with application of sour service pipes in order to protect land, surface and groundwater.

One of the methods to improve the reliability of pipelines implies the application of corrosion inhibitors and bactericides. Over 5.5 thousand tonnes of inhibitors and bactericides were used in 2018 to protect pipelines against corrosion.
The total number of wells with cathodic protection of casing strings amounted to more than 11 thousand in 2018, and sacrificial protection was implemented at more than 21 thousand km of pipelines.

Technical diagnostics of about 4,100 km of pipelines was carried out. 14 tanks (RVS) and horizontal flow settling tanks (GO) were equipped with means of electrochemical protection against internal and ground corrosion at the crude oil gathering and crude oil treatment facilities of the Company’s Oil and Gas Production Divisions.

Particular attention was paid to reducing emissions into the air and compliance with standards for permissible environmental impact. In the first instance, the implementation of measures was ensured through maintaining the technical condition of the oilfield equipment at an appropriate level by introducing modern and innovative environmental protection technologies.

The state of the atmospheric air of the settlements located in the area of the Company's operations was studied.

The Company continued introduction of highly reliable packers and sour service tubing in order to ensure protection of the subsoil and fresh groundwater. Generally speaking, packers of various designs were installed in more than 7.8 thousand injection wells, which accounted for about 80% of the existing well stock.

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