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Representatives of MOL group visited TATNEFT

November 30, 2018/ 15:22

Almetyevsk.A delegation of professionals from the Hungarian MOL Group Company headed by Ferenz Farkas, Vice President of Industrial Services, paid a three-day visit to TATNEFT.

As part of the planned events, the Hungarian guests got acquainted with the specifics of TATNEFT's work in the area of patent handling activity, including the protection of the intellectual property results, commercialization of protected results, as well as the stimulation of the inventors’ creative activity. The system of stimulating the creative activity of the workers provides for several types of motivation, including rewards for obtaining a patent, its application and the awards following the results of contests, which contributes to the revitalization and improvement of the innovational activities quality in the Company.

There was a patent service organized in the Company to help the inventors, which includes the entire cycle of creating a protected result of intellectual activity from the idea being submitted by the author to the receipt of a protection document.

At present, the innovative work in the area of oil field development and production is aimed at increasing the efficiency of investment in innovation through the flexibility of managing R&D projects and pilot projects that solve the most significant tasks for the Company. A target-focused model of innovative activity management provides for the formation of a target oriented order for innovational activity; a technological challenge solutions search system; a system for transferring the results of innovational activities for replication (internal and external commercialization).

During the event, the Hungarian delegation visited the wells of Nurlatneft Oil and Gas Production Division, where they got acquainted with the technology of drilling and workover of HVO wells. The professionals of the MOL Group were shown the operation of the high viscosity oil production shop, a slant workover rig, HVO production technology, an HVO and produced water treatment units, etc.

The meeting of the Hungarian delegation with experts of the TATNEFT’s TatNIPIneft R&D Institute will also take place. The participants will  discuss at the joint meeting the issues related to the application of surfactants to intensify crude oil production at the Company's fields, as well as the possibility of joint research in the area of hard-to-recover reserves in the territory of the Russian Federation and Hungary.

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